Job Cards

Job cards below should be printed off and sent in with each batch of fiber you want processed. Please fill out as completely as possible to your desired product. If you don’t see an option you want, feel free to hand-write after printing and/or include other options in the bottom “Special Comments” section. Special request may cost more to have processed but we will discuss this with you on the phone.  We will review/edit this with you prior to any processing being done. Essentially, it is a starting place for us so we can be as efficient and time sensitive with your order. What should i do with my raw fiber is a good question to next but here is a video that shows you your options. Select your specific job card from below:

Felt Sheets


Core Yarn

Roving Bags

Lite Lopi


3ply Bulky Yarn

2ply Bulky Yarn

3ply Worsted Yarn

2ply Worsted Yarn

3ply Sport Yarn

2ply Sport Yarn

3ply Fingering Yarn

2ply Fingering Yarn