Selling to Us

Morning Star Fiber (MSF) is seeking sources of quality alpaca fiber for the manufacturing of a product that is sold nationally and internationally. MSF and BagSmith have worked together over the last 7 years to design a unique specialty yarn and establish a brand that is known and respected in the marketplace. Recently the demand for this product has grown to exceed our sourcing capacity. We are now looking to partner with other companies to purchase raw alpaca fiber, have it scoured and sent here to our mill in Andrews, North Carolina for final production.

As a valued partner we will need you to become our eyes and hands in the quality control of this brand’s raw materials. It is essential that you are aware of the raw material requirements and provide due diligence in sourcing only fiber that meets these requirements. Failure to do so will jeopardize the brand and limit the volume of our production. Over the years we have refined the criteria for the raw fibers needed for this product. Listed below you will find specifications of huacaya alpaca fibers we need to source:


  • Length & Variation: 3” to 6”
  • Strength: must withstand 7 pounds of pressure in an opened lock
  • Micron: 22-26 micron
  • Color: Crème, Light Fawn, Brown, Black
  • Weight: Lots of 50lbs or greater in a particular color
  • Minimal to no foreign matter
  • Minimal to no primaries or “guard hairs”

Fibers sourced that meet these requirements will be paid promptly once they are received and verified at the scouring facility. Any bales sourced that do not meet these requirements will be rejected and returned to the seller at their expense. Bales containing portions that meet the requirements along with fiber below the requirements can be rejected, or subjected to a sorting fee paid by the seller and at the discretion of the scouring facility.

All parties involved in this project must be responsible to train their employees on these raw fiber requirements. The person responsible for quality control must adhere to these requirements to build trust and increase our “speed to market”. If we can maintain or exceed these requirements the brand will continue to grow and demand will increase. We are excited about partnering with others in this project and look forward to your involvement in this “made in the USA” product.

If you have any additional questions regarding this project please contact JC Christensen at or call (828) 321-9299. If you desire to participate in this project and know that you can meet these requirements please sign the attached contract and return it to: Morning Star Fiber, LLC, 1424 E Main St, Andrews, NC 28901