How to Evaluate Your Fiber

Fiber evaluation is of utmost importance, all fiber that doesn’t meet processing standards will be skirted out and disposed of. The more fiber that meets standards the fuller your processed run will be. So what’s the best end product for your fleece? All these factors combined will help you to evaluate whether you have fleeces that are appropriate to process.  The form below reviews the characteristics to be considered as you prepare your fleece(s) for fiber processing:

Evaluating Your Fleeces For Best End Product

  • Spin fineness strongly influences the size of yarn – lower micron spins thinner easier
  • Good tensile strength is critical
  • Staple Length influences the loft and handle of yarn based on twist per inch needed
  • Crimp expands yarn options and consumer appeal.
  • Uniformity is critical in processing effectiveness and efficiency and larger market appeal (microns, staple length and crimp)
  • Precarding can improve uniformity but its not the end all answer, it’s inherently a breeding issue
  • What does your market want? You would be surprised at how many people never ask this question until after they have had their fiber processed
  • What can your fleeces create? You would be surprised at how many people assume that you can make almost anything out of their fleece – it’s just not true!