Pricing & Order Request

If you have completed a customer profile and agreed to our terms and conditions you’re ready to submit an order request form.  Our pricing is based on two components: washing/opening/condition fee which is based on incoming weight, and the carding/spinning/finishing fee which is based on clean weight at the card.  This allows our customers to send in fiber that has already been scoured and opened and are just looking for carding and spinning services.  Roving/Rug Yarn/Batting have a 4 pound minimum order per run and all yarn runs have a 6 pound minimum per run.  Yarn pricing is based on the size of the singles run, therefore a 3 ply worsted weight yarn is slightly more expensive than a 2 ply worsted.

You will find a link to our MSF Pricing Page here.  This document includes list of  our services and their costs.  Please take notice that our pricing changed as of March 1st, 2016.

All orders are set up with a reservation policy that allows you to schedule which month they will be completed in. If you have decided that we are the mill for you, please fill out the forms below to begin your custom processing journey!

After we receive your request we will send you an email with conformation, an invoice, and the date your fiber will need to arrive by.  If you have any questions regarding your processing order please call us to discuss at 828-321-9299 or email us at

Mail fiber to:
Morning Star Fiber
1424 Main St.
Andrews, NC 28901