Choosing a mill…

Since 2005 Morning Star Fiber has been focused on learning the performance of different fibers and using our equipment to provide the best quality product and customer service we can based on those qualities.  The pricing structures are based on our production costs so knowing exactly how a fiber will respond going through the mill and what it wants to make is critical to accurately quoting you on our cost.

Our prices listed here are per pound unless otherwise indicated.  Yarn lots must be 6 pounds or more.  A lot is considered one fiber type to a specific product type – if you want two different colors of yarn to the same product type these will be considered two lots as would two colors plyed together.

Please take the time to read over, sign and return our “Service Agreement” which covers customer responsibilities and mill responsibilities. In order to ensure that you know what product type your fiber is best suited for, we have developed specific requirements for each product line that we run, which can be found in our document titled “Evaluating Your Fiber for Best End Use”. If you have any questions regarding your fiber, lot size or product type requirements, please call 828-321-9299 and talk with JC Christensen or email at

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