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Morning Star Fiber started in Amish Country in Northeast Ohio just outside of a little village called Apple Creek in January of 2005.  After ten years of doing business there we moved our operation to Andrews, North Carolina.  As a small family owned business providing value added services to animal growers and others in the fiber community, we focused on quality product and customer service.

But we wanted to be more than just a processing mill.  We loved the idea of craftsmanship and the relationships critical to making all things beautiful.  We wanted to discover the various product options as well as learn the process of making great products and doing it right the first time.  Much research and development went into understanding the processing performance of different types of fibers.  This became the key to leveraging best end use and profitability of various types of fibers.  This knowledge caused us to become known as an artisan fiber mill, delivering unique, high end products that had special meaning and value from limited resources.

But can you have a great product and process without the support of a great community?  We realized we had to be committed to building long lasting relationships with artisans, farmers and end users all across the country.  We began to learn their story and how we could join them in making all things beautiful.  As we learned about their struggles we saw how we could best serve their needs, with the hope that one day we could be a trusted friend in the business.

In the fall of 2017 owner JC Christensen realized his body wouldn’t allow him to continue working full days on the cement anymore.  Faced with a hard decision he began to consider the best options for Morning Star Fiber.  He had extensive relationships within the industry, 10 years of experience and expertise, thousands of processing records for various types of fibers, and still a huge desire to help build up and grow the industry.  How could we leverage those things to benefit others?

So in the spring of 2018 the idea for MasterCrafted was born.  This new business would be dedicated to processing education and innovation and working closely with other artisan mills and farmers in the US and around the world.  In this way we will continue to push the quality of the products that can be made and training other mills to do the same. 

Moving forward Morning Star Fiber will continue to provide a line of domestic merino combed top in natural and dyed colors, as well as a carry various other supplies for the general public.  However, we will no longer provide custom processing services.

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