Welcome to Morning Star Fiber…

[ATTENTION: this site is under construction please be patient with us while we address it’s final form and function.  While we have done a soft launch we would like to be fully live and promoting this site by April 1st.  We would welcome your feedback if you find any errors or ways we can improve the service of this website for you.  We’ve left the comments on each page so that it’s easy to see where corrections need to be m

Morning Star Fiber started in Amish Country in Northeast Ohio just outside of a little village called Apple Creek in January of 2005.  After ten years of doing business there we moved our operation to Andrews, North Carolina.  A small family owned business providing value added services to animal growers and others in the fiber community, we focus on quality product and customer service.

Since the beginning we have dedicated ourselves to understanding not just the product but also the process of making great products.  Understanding the processing performance of different types of fibers is what is key to leveraging its best end use and profitability.  An artisan mill does not compete with a commercial mill, instead it’s advantages come from its ability to create unique high end products that have special meaning and value from limited resources.

Dedicated to education and innovation and working closely with many other artisan mills and farmers in the country we continue to push the quality of the products that can be made and training other mills to do the same.  We hope that you will find this website a valuable source of information.  Email today and ask for a new customer welcome packet – info@morningstarfiber.com

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Morning Star Fiber…

  1. Morning Star Fiber milled our new in-house yarn, Local Hero, at Purl’s Yarn Emporium in Asheville. Our yarn celebrates all things local – being locally sourced, milled, and dyed. The yarn is also named for living local heroes in Asheville. We were very pleased with the process and the final product! We especially appreciated J.C.’s desire to connect farmers, dyers, and designers – everyone along the supply chain – in a friendly, supportive way. We’ve referred several of our local farmers to them since they are willing to do small batch projects which is very appreciated.

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